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Welcome to the webpage of the Savage Club Holy Royal Arch Chapter.

About the Royal Arch

Royal Arch regaliaThe Royal Arch is the continuation of Craft Freemasonry. Its members, called Companions, meet in Chapters under the Supreme Grand Chapter.

In England, the Royal Arch is considered to be the completion of “pure ancient Masonry”, and consists of four ceremonies: the exaltation ceremony to bring in new members, and an installation ceremony for each of the three Principals. The exaltation ceremony is in two parts: a rather dramatic presentation of the principles of the Order, followed by three Lectures in which the history, symbolism and principles of the Royal Arch are further explained.

The prime qualification for admission into the Royal Arch is to be a Master Mason of at least four weeks’ standing, in a Lodge under the United Grand Lodge of England or a Lodge under a Grand Lodge recognised by it. As in all other Masonic Orders, you will need a proposer and seconder who are members of the Chapter in which you seek to be exalted.

Like Craft Freemasonry, the Royal Arch is open to men of all faiths.

About the Savage Club Chapter

The Chapter was consecrated in 1891 following the formation of the Savage Club Lodge in 1887. Each is named after the Savage Club, founded in 1857, itself named “in a frolicsome humour” after the poet Richard Savage, an English poet who had been convicted of murder, and who died in a debtors’ prison from liver failure brought on by drinking.

The Chapter holds three Regular Meetings each year, in January, May and November. These take place in Bakers’ Hall in the City of London, and are followed by dinner. A fourth Emergency Meeting is often held over the Summer.

Image: Freemasons' Book of the Royal Arch

Freemasons’ Book of the Royal Arch by Bernard E. Jones, “dedicated in affection to the Savage Club Chapter” (more info).

Contact us

We are always pleased to hear from Brethren interested in joining the Holy Royal Arch and the Savage Club Chapter itself. However, we would strongly encourage you first to speak with your Lodge’s Royal Arch Representative, who may be able to put you in touch with a suitable Chapter linked to your Lodge.

If you would like to know more about Royal Arch Freemasonry in general or the Savage Club Chapter in particular, or would like to enquire about visiting, please email

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